Friday, June 8, 2012

{things i'm diggin'}

 Image courtesy of Rand Papele Jewelry

I've been completely obsessed with pennants lately.  I am sooooo getting one of these gorgeous necklaces sometime soon.

And what about these gorgeous pennants.

Then there's Emily Green's work.  I already own a few of her pieces, but I'm thinking I may need to add Jane to my collection.  My best friend's name was Jane.

Image courtesy of Emily Green

And who doesn't want one of these.  I hope they become a reality someday.

This post by Tara Gentile really got me thinking about dreams and goals.

And you?  What are you diggin'?


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  1. oh my that jane necklace is so damn pretty, it makes me smile, ill have to pin that for a xmas gift idea for myself lol
    xx C

  2. I'm digging' all of those things!
    LOVE that blog post.
    I'm also digging' a long weekend, dinner with friends and a holiday, very soon.

    Have a great weekend, dee x

  3. I'm diggin' those pennant necklaces too!