Monday, June 4, 2012

{the thing about dreams}

More #marblecam love

On the one hand, you know that you have absolutely nothing to lose.  

But on the other, you're putting absolutely everything you believe in, hope for and cherish, on the line.

It's a pretty wild ride!


  1. But if you don't dream you have nothing to work towards. So I think dreaming is a must in life.

  2. That's what makes them worthwhile.

  3. I think that second part you write about is what stops most folks in their tracks because if "THE DREAM" doesn't work out then there might be nothing left to hope for, but the first part is why you should go for it - you may have nothing to lose but SO MUCH to gain that you don't bargain for =-)

    I'm really looking forward to seeing more about your upcoming workshop - the teaching space looks wonderful so far!

  4. You have just described the past six months for me - what a rollercoaster giving your dreams a shot is :)