Friday, June 22, 2012

{easing back in}

Slowly, but surely I'm finding my way back.  It's been a time of questioning, catharsis and understanding a little more about when to push and when to let go.

The simple truth is that I push myself too hard.  I want things and I want them now.  But I'm learning {over and over and over} that patience is my best friend, and that dreams need space to grow.  And that winter is a time for rest and quiet.

I've been reading lots of novels, for the first time in years.  And baking and cooking. Simple things that are giving me so much pleasure.  I truly crave a simple life. And a restful one.

A few weeks back I was thinking that it was time to re-think my word of the year.  To find a stronger word that would propel me into action.  I was thinking that I needed courage.  Now I see that nourishment is exactly what my soul needs.

So I continue on my path.  Losing my way and finding it again {over and over and over}.


  1. I am jealous ... reading lots of novels, that sounds right up my alley. Glad to know that you are look after yourself and nurturing your soul .... good for you.

    Take care
    Leonie xoxo (Lotti)

  2. Beautiful post Cathy... it really struck a chord... dreams needing space to grow... when to push... when to let go... can so relate... glad you are being gentle with yourself... and yes winter is perfect for rest and quiet... enjoy...

    Jenny x

  3. So glad you're getting through the lull Cathy. I'm in the throes of a comeback too. For the past weeks it's been darn hard to get my creative head from under the doona. I've got a track record of resurgeance and change in July/August ... phew ... thank heavens. Take care of your gorgeous self ;~)

  4. I'm so glad that you are taking a little time for yourself - it is so important to take care of your body and soul. xoxo

  5. OH! How I too wish I could have it all and have it all NOW!!! Life doesn't really work that way though and I remind myself that it takes time for a beautiful flower to bloom, from the time it's planted to the time it grows, to the day it burst forth in radiant beauty...just as you doing my friend =-)