Monday, May 7, 2012

{the sweet stuff}

Doorbell rings. Neighbours kid bringing us
 some flowers. I love my neighbourhood.

Sunday evening 5pm.  The doorbell rings.  One of the kids who lives in our street is giving away flowers he picked from his garden.  Not for money, just because.

Two new commission painting jobs set up.  I love doing commission work.  It's one of my favourite ways to paint.   One of my passions as an artist is how to engage other people in the process.  How to create opportunities for audience to become artist.  Commission work is one way I've found to do this.  If you're ever interested in commissioning one of my paintings email and I can tell you more about the process and costs.

New opportunities on the horizon.  Ever since I became really solid with the intentions around my creative business, opportunity has been knocking on my door.  What's that they say about once you make up your mind the universe will do everything to help make it happen?  It feels so true at the moment, and so good.

A really successful day at Made n Thornbury on Saturday.  Not only were my sales much higher than I'd hoped, I also got to catch up with lots of lovely people and friends.  A huge shout out to Dee who does an amazing job running the market.

Beth's fantastic news today.  Congratulations my friend.

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