Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{the not-so sweet stuff}

found in a back street in Prahran

A falling out with a couple of people who I thought were true friends.  It turns out they weren't.  There was some gossiping all round, and some not-so-good behaviour on my part.  And boy have I paid for my crime.  Nearly two months of being completely ignored.  It hurts.

The relentlessness of my to-do list.  Running your own business is hard, hard work.  You wear all the hats - book-keeper, administrator, creative director, artist, marketing and PR director, financial manager.  There is always something that needs doing.

Feeling like the foundations of my business are built of lego.  So small, so fragile.

Losing my way with personal goals.  Healthy eating and exercise.  Feeling like bike riding is the hardest thing in the world at the moment.

I think I probably need to follow Kate's sage example and have a day of knitting and reading.

Life sure is a roller-coaster.  For the most part I reckon I ride it with integrity.


  1. Ok, Cathy, and breath. Take care. I'm sorry to hear of your falling out with friends: awkward and hard, disappointing, painful are what I imagine- and so much more I can't imagine.
    Gee, if only life and relationships were easy and simple and not so fragile.... Sometimes it does feel all abit too hard- or like the time at the bottom of the roller coaster is out weighing the time on the top! centre yourself, remember your values, so you can keep living with that authenticity and integrity you strive for. Geez- I didn't mean to go all 'advice giving' in my comment...but, if I sat here and 'just listened'...you wouldn't necessarily know I'd been here! I hope you get to do some of your favourite things today. xx

  2. Oh no that's awful! Hope you're ok.
    Why does it have to be so bloody hard to juggle all the balls at once?

  3. Sorry to hear about the falling out with friends. I've learned that sometimes as we grow, our friends do not necessarily grow with us and discord often stems from that, but you do have many friends who support you in your growth and those are certainly your true friends to cherish =-)

    Keep riding the roller coaster with integrity my friend and you will manage to stay the course!

  4. Oh Cathy - I feel your pain! Been there done that!
    For me one was online and I was actually going to travel to Paris to meet her, (what the hell..!) the other a real life friend of 23 years. I regret being her friend in the first place - what a waste of time. But now!!..... Now I realize that I am better off for it. I hope you feel that for yourself one day soon!

    1. I think I already do Michele. I've been carrying it around for a couple of months now and it's good to share it.

    2. Thinking of you Cathy xo

  5. It's so awful when this sort of thing happens. Just hang on, it will get better. It did for me...

  6. Something similar for me recently too. I dared to speak up and it wasn't received well. Oh well I'm not that popular amongst some but am much stronger for speaking up as opposed to putting up with the crap.I will keep my head high!

  7. Yep... yep... I understand where you're at on all fronts, Cathie. Hope you're feeling the love from those who remain true friends.

    And hey... remember that when the Wiggles started out, they had a CARDBOARD Big Red Car, and one of the Wiggles had to dress up as Dorothy or Captain Feathersword anytime they were needed. (And I suppose that would have more meaning to you if you'd seen as much Wiggles as I have... but I suppose you know they've done alright for themselves!).

  8. Oh geez. I'm feeling for you on all fronts. Go easy on yourself, Chook. xxx

  9. I'm so sorry about your friendship, Cathy. I've been there myself, and can I just say that being "dumped" and then me getting over it (took months!) was the best thing ever. This person was never a real friend - they were really hard work! And if anything I have opened my eyes to what it takes to be a better friend, which I think has hopefully made me a better person.

    As for your creative life - baby steps! It might be two steps forward and a few steps back for a while but it will happen if you continue to believe in yourself!

  10. It's so hard when something like that happens with so called friends. You feel like all the trust you have put into the relationship, and that's now gone. Someone, you have to find a way to move on and that's the hard part, but it's all you can do for your own sake. Good luck with all things creative in your life.