Monday, March 26, 2012

{mondays rock}


I love Mondays.  
Mondays are the day I have to myself.
Mondays are the day I get to work on my creative business.
Mondays are days for painting, or gentle dreaming, or even staying in bed and reading a book if that's what I feel like doing.
Mondays are all mine to do with as I please.
 I love starting my week this way.
I love that I look forward to the beginning of my week.  
It sets a nice tone for the rest of it.

Here's a glimpse

As it happens today I've been doing a little painting, cleaning out my inbox and sorting out my financial records.  I have been clearing and sorting in various parts of my life for a few weeks now and it's feeling so good.

How do you start your week?  Do you look forward to it?  Do Mondays rock for you?


  1. Mondays are mostly mine too....before a manic week usually. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. Not really feeling the Monday love here. Good to know someone is though.

  3. You have a great way to start your week Cathy and it seems the rituals do ease you into the rest of the week...

    Mondays are a day of doing internet work for me: finalizing my Etsy listings and blog posts but the rest of the day is usually spent in restfulness for the rest of my work week.

    Can't wait to see the paintings you are creating on these lovely Mondays =-)