Thursday, February 2, 2012

{one truly amazing day}

Last Saturday 16 brave souls put their trust in mine and Louise Gale's hands and joined us for Your Awesome Year.


We celebrated 2011 and bid it farewell


We spent time affirming ourselves


We played with magazines, and glue, textas and pens


We took time for ourselves and time to connect


We indulged


We let ourselves dream and let those dreams pour onto our vision boards


It was truly the most amazing day.

For me it was a moment of coming home.  To finding myself in a place that I'd been yearning for and yet denying for such a long time.  I have been involved in facilitating groups and leading others in their journey for as long as I can remember.  For some reason over the last few years I've really struggled to embrace that part of myself.  Saturday left me with absolutely no doubt that this is what I'm meant to be doing and what I love to do.  Combined with the work I'm doing in my Soul Business course it was life changing.


If you weren't able to join us this time don't worry, there'll be more where that came from, including a retreat that I'm dreaming of for next year!  {Eeek, can't believe I'm putting that out there already!}

*Thanks to Ms L for being our official photographer and for all your hard work.  I couldn't have done it, or anything that matters for that matter, without you.  Muah!


  1. So glad everyone had a great time, thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! So glad it was a great success.

  3. Thankyou for a wonderful day Cathy. I came with a "too busy for this" attitude and left reconnected with my soul, my SIL, and some new friends.
    Thanks again

  4. WOW! The pictures are definitely telling a tale of fabulous-ness! And to think there will be another retreat next year =-)