Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{like wow, like wipeout}

Selfie - Coming Full Circle

It takes me by surprise every time.  The complete overwhelm and exhaustion that hits me after an exhibition opens.  On an intellectual level I completely understand what it takes to hang your heart up on a wall for all the world to see, but emotionally I'm never prepared.  Perhaps I wouldn't do it if I was.

My Heart on a wall

Anyway, I'm taking some time to decompress.  But here's a couple of pics of the show for you.  More to come.

Looking little on the big wall

In other news I'm guest curating over at Crescendoh this week.  You can read my Art Saves story and check out some of the people and things that have been inspiring me lately.  If you're visiting from Crescendoh, thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet world.

Like I said, more soon...


  1. Look at you being all cute. :) It looks amazing and I love seeing your art hanging like that!!!!
    Yay you! And your story at Cresendoh is wonderful. :)

  2. I didn't know you were hooking up with Jenny Doh! So, cool. I just painted with her at her studio yesterday. We have quite a lovely group now. Wish you were part of it, but exciting that you are on Crescendoh this week!!

    And did you see AAJ in 2013? I am feeling my heart sing as I think about it. If you can make it, wow! That would be awesome!!

  3. Your work looks amazing on display! Take a little you time and soak it up. :)

  4. Congratulations on the exhibit AND on the wonderful article at Crescendoh! I can't wait to see more details of the exhibit event =-)

  5. congratulations on everything! and thank you for sharing your super inspiring art saves story!

    best wishes to you!
    xo, juliette

  6. Found your site through Creschendoh. So glad I did. LOVE your art work!