Monday, February 13, 2012

{lessons in letting go - part II}

Happiness Is - WIP
Work in progress

A good friend sent me a text today with these words of wisdom:
"remember to take time to enjoy the excitement of your first gallery exhibition in amongst all the nerves and last minute stresses"

It was the medicine I needed today.  A reminder to create space for joy and celebration, and rest.

It's always a race to the finish line when it comes to exhibitions {or any big event really}.  But there's a point when you have to stop and let go of some things.  This one just isn't going to make it in time for Friday.  


Blossom and Bloom Invite


  1. Yup. Letting go can be hard at times but it is the lesson learn after that makes up for it all.

  2. Goodluck Cathy with opening night.It is when I see your invites and your stunning works that I really wish Victoria/Melbourne was more accessable to me!

  3. definitely some wise words to live by in the coming week.
    all the best for the opening!
    am hoping i'll make it to see your beautiful work at some point :D

  4. Oh My god Cathy, I love you work, my heart goes out to you, Have an awesome night, the best. x

  5. And you know what?
    Even if you never finish it...
    What you have done is enough.
    What you have is enough.
    You are enough.
    Just as you are.

  6. It's so close now... can't wait til Saturday!

  7. I second Kat's sentiments and I think the painting is wonderful just as it is =-)

    Good luck with the exhibit Cathy!

  8. Good luck! I'm sure it will be magical and will kick off what is already an amazing year. I hope one day to be at one of your openings!