Friday, February 17, 2012

{coming full circle}

Coming Full Circle
Coming Full Circle
Acrylic and mixed-media on canvas
18 x 18 inch

Excerpt from Artist Statement
Throughout my life I've tried my hand at all sorts of hobbies and crafts that played with colour, shape and form. Big, bold flowers have always been a dominant theme.  For years I had an idea that when I became a ‘real’ painter I wouldn’t paint flowers anymore. I thought that I’d paint something more sophisticated or ‘serious’.

Blossom and Bloom is an exhibition about growth. It’s about the process we go through to find ourselves and how ultimately that process often leads us right back to our beginnings. To what we’ve always known about ourselves.
Me at Red Brick

It's so fitting that this exhibition is being held in Ballarat, a city so close to my heart.  Ballarat has played such a significant role in my life going right back to my teens when I used to spend every weekend there hanging out with the most crazy, mixed-up bunch of fringe dwellers.  People who completely shaped me as a person to this day.

My best friends Jane and Richard, both sadly passed away, were born and raised in Ballarat.  It was their home town.  How I wish they could be there to celebrate this moment with me {and I'm sure in some way they will be}.

Coming Full Circle Detail
Detail from Coming Full Circle


Blossom and Bloom Invite


  1. Good luck for tonight Cathy. Won't be able to make it unfortunately as life got in the way :(
    I'm sure it's going to be awesome xxx

  2. Good luck Cathy! Here's to great sales and inspired viewers! Your sunflowers have certainly made MY day. xx

  3. fantastic! hope it goes really well.
    love the excerpt :)

  4. Those are so great. I love the rich and bright colors.

  5. Have an awesome night and all the best.

  6. my friend Cathy is an artist and I feel chuffed, so chuffed to know her.

  7. What a great artists statement! And I love how you really have come full circle from what you love to paint to the city that shaped you =-)

    Congratulations on this completion of the circle Cathy!