Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{you are held}


in your hopes and your dreams
your moments of strength
as you reach for everything you know is possible
in your fear and overwhelm
in all your self-doubt and uncertainty
you are held
the universe has you firmly in her arms

these are the words i needed to hear today
i thought you might need them too


Looking for an amazing way start to your year?  Join myself and fellow dreamer Louise Gale for an imtimate one-day visioning workshop in the lush surrounds of CERES Community Environmental Park.

More details here or register right here.


  1. that is 100% spot on for what i need today. thanks Cathy. I need to leap over the fear! Jx

  2. Ah, I totally needed to hear that. How did you know? Those are very interesting flowers. Did you discover what they are? Can't wait to hear your word of the year and congrats to you and Louise. How fun!

  3. YES!
    Spot on, Cathy.
    PS Will be signing up for your wonderful workshop tomorrow, after I've been paid and paid off my Christmas debts!!
    PPS Coffee in Jan would be ace!

  4. happy new year Cathy!
    thanks so much for your lovely message ~ feeling the love and support from bloggy friends xx

  5. Your workshop with Louisesounds awesome, shame I cant make it but looking forward to seeing eveyones creations :)