Saturday, January 21, 2012

{baking treats of different kind}

Baked treats
Little nuggets of magic for Your Awesome Year

We have just a couple of spots left for Your Awesome Year and have decided to extend registration until 12pm Sunday {tomorrow}.  Just in case there's anyone out there who has been thinking about joining us but hasn't got to doing so yet.

All the workshop info is here and you can sign up here

Dreaming and planning for this workshop has been such an incredible experience.  It's been amazing to watch it come to life and to watch me come to life with it.  Combined with the Hello Soul Hello Business course that I'm one week into {it's totally life changing my friends} I feel like I am taking off at the moment.  And it feels fan-fucking-tastic.

For those of you coming along next Saturday you are in for one absolutely awesome day.

See you tomorrow for {sunday snippets} peeps!

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