Thursday, December 15, 2011

{open studio, before and after}

I never seem to remember to take photos during an event, but here's a glimpse before and after the event.  It was a gorgeous sunny Melbourne day, the bubbles flowed, people shopped and chatted and mingled, we ate lots of yummy homemade goodness and generally had a fabulous time.  

Thanks so much Ms L, Finki and CurlyPops for all your help.  And to everyone who stopped by.

the lawn mower

title cards

fresh baked bread


finkigirl jools

originals dec 2011

queen of pavs

deconstructed flowers





Until the next one ....


  1. Hi Cathy, Thank you for the good wishes that you left on my blog! Your open studio event looks fantastic and I hope it was a huge success!! Your artwork is really happy, fun and bright, and the food looks delicious, especially the cake!! Good luck at the market this weekend too. I might try to get down there if I can. Wini xo

  2. Everything looks like it was a fab night!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful evening! My phone photos aren't great so I may have to borrow some of your lovely ones for a blog post!

  4. Just now catching up on the goodness of what looks like a fabulously successful event!! Congratulations Cathy! Enjoy the time of rest now - you certainly deserve it =-)