Friday, October 14, 2011

{i'd rather be - blogtoberfest day XIV}

Inspired by a comment from Erin_In_Boston here's a little list of what I'd like to be doing instead of being sick.

Make your own catalog card here

I'm sure my employer would love to see me at work sometime too!


So my plan next week, if all goes well, is to talk about community, about building a great blog, and about some of the people who have/do really inspire me in this great blogosphere. Oh, and to have some giveaways.  That's the plan!  We'll see what next week brings hey.?

In the meantime I'm loving H's Blogtoberfest blogroll.  It really does make it easy to keep up with all the blogs.  Thanks so much H.  I'll definitely make it a standard part of the festival from here on in.


  1. Great list, being sick is no fun at all, hope your better soon and up doing the things on that list :)

  2. I like your list and what you've got planned for next week =-)

    I hope you feel well enough to do all that you desire!

  3. Bike riding is important! Get well soon! I'm going to be hitting the blogtoberfest blogs soon too. I've been so busy this week i haven't had much time. Thanks again for doing this. Its a fun challenge.

  4. Ohhhh- hope you're feeling better soon. There's nothing worse than being under the weather.

    ps: If you're interested, stop by and check out the giveaway I'm's all about makeup which is always fun to have a play with!

  5. I am loooooooooooooooooving the blogroll, what a fabulous idea; makes visiting everyone so, so, so, so much easier!

  6. Love the blogroll, and am there with you on being sick!

  7. Whenever I'm not feeling well, I like to make lists just like yours. Feel better soon!

  8. Firstly get better, secondly, thanks for blogtober it has really inspired me. Have loved meeting new bloggers. hmmmmm a list, great idea. Will put one together today.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration, lovely one!
    Get well soon.

  10. Oh I hope you are well now, and thanks for heeding my advice... I am flattered! I intend to use the index card for a post this week.

    What I'd love to know is how you came to being the "director" of Blogtober Fest? Are you as amazed as I am that so many of us jump on board? As someone else mentioned in a comment, it is a nice way to read a bunch of new blogs! Thanks Tinnie Girl!!