Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{besties - blogtoberfest day XII}


It was a rocky start years ago when we brought home the 6 week old Little Cat.  She was so tiny and timid.  We thought BigCat was going to tear her to pieces.  

I was completely smitten and in love from day 1 and I remember the anxious first weeks where we were terrified that we'd have to take her back.

Over the years they seem to have found an amicable life side by side.  I don't think either would ever admit it but I'm pretty sure they'd be lost without each other now.


  1. How adorable. You must be a very proud mum :)

  2. Awwwhhh.... Our two are definitely NOT friends the little guy (younger, but actually much BIGGER in size) would like to be friends, but my 12 year old tabby wants to pretend he does not exist.

    Thanks for hosting Blogtoberfest, it's getting me sewing and posting again!

  3. They are so cute together. I have my own little furry love. Love kitties.

    Thank you Cathy for your support and kind words. It means so much to feel so uplifted from you and other creative souls!
    Oh, and I didn't have a camera but yesterday outside the library someone left a painted rock that said HOPE HELPS. Loved it and thought of you with your flickr group.

  4. awww they are just too cute.

  5. Cuties. You might be able to offer some wisdom about ours. We have a new kitten, 7 months old and after a week I was thinking I might have to take her back, but she's settling in a bit know. Well she's stopped hissing and attacking the 12 year old cat. They can be in the same room together,a good sign. Did it take long before you could all relax when in the same room. I sorta forgot how high maintenance kittens are. Jay xx

  6. So, which precious baby is Little Cat? :-) Mine can barely tolerate being in the same room together!