Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{and so it goes - blogtoberfest day XXV}

Meat and 3 Veg

Inspired by Susannah's post, which I mentioned yesterday, and the idea of bring more authenticity and 'real' back to this space here's my list:

Good stuff
  • Spending the WHOLE day out of bed.  The simplest things can bring so much joy.
  • Taking a 20 minute walk.   The first exercise I've done in 3 weeks.
  • Seeing my former personal trainer today and the first words out of her mouth being OMFG on seeing how much weight I've lost.  Almost 10kg now!  That's without being able to exercise too.  Just a firm resolve and a totally new relationship with food. Feels so, so good!
  • Getting a second glimpse of the super secret squirrel business I'm collaborating on.   It is blowing my mind, and completely changing the way I see my art forever.  I can't wait to spill the beans and it's not too far away now.
  • More work on getting my Etsy shop re-opened.  Feels great to be getting ready to put my creative self back out in the world.
  • An upcoming skype date with two fabulous women.
  • Getting some major blogging mojo back.
  • Hanging on to my positive outlook despite all the shit stuff.
Shit stuff:
  • Ms L coming down with the lurgy!  We are seriously praying that it does not become a bout of bronchitis for her too!
  • 7 days of no pay for me and 4 days of no pay for Ms L this fortnight.  It's going to be a tough month.
  • Feeling some days like we might never do anything but merely get by in this lifetime.  All the dreams of a creative business, a life of travel and adventure, spending my days doing work I love can feel so completely out of reach.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Suspecting that my blogging and all other mojo may disappear on returning to work tomorrow.
  • Having to work so damn hard to stay positive.

How about you?  Do you want to make a list?  Leave your link if you do so we can come take a look.

PS.  You don't have to swear like me!!!!


  1. Haven't got a link, but I'll be brief here. Good stuff - today went to my spinning group and came away uplifted and inspired by some lovely ladies.
    Kind of shit stuff - Trying to set up an etsy shop and realise there is already a maudeandme and now I don't know what i should do and i can't even managed the "how to create a banner" let alone an avatar even if I could have my name!!!Ahhhh!
    But I am excited that your etsy will resume and I'm very intrigued about the secret squirrel business.

  2. Your food looks wonderful! And WAY TO GO on the weight loss! That is so awesome! :) Glad you are on the mend. I hope your "Shit List" gets smaller and smaller! :)

  3. soooo glad you are feeling better and I too am excited about your secret when will we know???? great post