Thursday, September 8, 2011

{the dreaded lurgy}

Comfort Food

noun (lurg, ies)
  1. (british) A fictitious, yet highly infectious disease; almost always used in the phrase "the dreaded lurgy", sometimes as a reference to flu-like symptoms
It's totally messing with my plans for the start of Spring.  Go away lurgy!  Go away!


By the way, do you realise Blogtoberfest is only 22 sleeps away?  More on that soon.  If you're new to these parts and have no idea what I'm talking about you can find out all about it under the {blogtoberfest} tab.  Will you be joining me this year?


  1. Lurgyville here too...aughh. Overdosing on throat numbing lozenges. Hope your better soon. We should make a date next week when we are both better for catch up and 22 days hey! Can't wait. Jay x

  2. Sending you loads and loads of get well vibes!

  3. Drats! Hope you get better very soon.
    Can't believe its time for Blogtoberfest again so soon... and I'm working most of October too!

  4. Get well soon Cathy. We've had the lurgy real bad lately and it's no fun.

    But, that Skippy plate on the other hand is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. What a find!!

    Blogtoberfest eh? I've never once made it all the way through! Maybe I'll have to think ahead and be a bit more srategic about it this year. (ie cheat and prepare in advance!)


  5. Sheesh, That germ is a doozy. Knocked us out for weeks. Let me know if you are ok enough for a visit.

  6. Aha! Exactly what I was looking for! News of Blogtoberfest.
    Last year was a challenge but challenges are the things that make us grow.
    I'll be in Japan for the first two weeks and would love to blog from there everyday - just not sure if it's going to be possible.
    I hope you're feeling much improved and put a stop to all that negative thinking!! :-)

  7. I hope to remember to keep an eye on this, definitely.

  8. oh hooray! I'm so far behind on my blog reader now that the little one is here so I've only just seen that yay octoberfest is coming! I need a kick in the blogging bum! Determined to complete it on both of my blogs this year!