Friday, September 16, 2011



I'm amazed sometimes at how the most profound insights can arrive with such simple and understated elegance.

This morning I realised what an incredibly strong and determined woman I am.  And when I say realised, I mean the thought reached straight into my soul like a homecoming.

I have endured much in these last years, much more than I would ever have thought I could handle.  Much more than I wanted to.  But I have learned from these lessons.  They have shaped me. And while I've often recongnised the ways my outlook has been shaped into feelings of hopelessness and dismay, today for the first time I saw how things have shaped me for the better.  

Today I saw a woman who has, and continues to work hard, for the things that are important to her.  Today I saw a woman who never gives up on her dreams, whose life is filled with hopeful aspirations and steely determination.  Today I saw a woman who bravely puts herself out there in the world.   Today I saw a woman who could have easily become bitter and cynical {and at times is} but who mostly radiates a sense of acceptance and commitment to the journey .  Today I saw a woman who has been through a pivotal time in her life this year and has come through it knowing and seeing herself in deeper and renewed ways.  Today I saw a woman who is on her way to great things. 

Someone said to me today "you've got the sparkle back in your eye" and I thought "damn straight.  Sparkle and a little something more"!

Have a fantastic weekend my friends.


  1. So...this is good right!
    Wish I could be in your space right now.

  2. and you are seeing now, what some of us have always seen..............

  3. Very proud of you sweetie...
    ps see a Sark book there that i dont have...must investigate...

  4. Great post Cathy! I've seen that woman also and she is pretty amazing =-)

    I have the feeling that if I look in a mirror I may see another version of that fabulous strong woman ;)

    Thank you for this wonderful post, my friend!