Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{on knowing...}


"... exactly what I want for my life:
to make art: to sell and exhibit my work: to write: to be published: to make unique works: to make a full time living from my creativity: to live authentically: to teach: to lead: to share my story and my life in a way that inspires others, gives them hope and leads them to action"

I wrote these words on the front page of my notebook in late 2009.  A notebook I fill with all my creative ideas, dreams, hopes and plans.  I love coming back to those words.  There is such a complete clarity in their simplicity.  Even though I often don't know how, or when, or what to do next, there are some things I do know.  I know exactly what I want for my life.


  1. i LOVE the strength & power
    of knowing EXACTLY what you want!
    & i'm also intrigued with you
    finding the words again NOW...
    or them finding you...
    we ARE chased by are dreams
    & what DELIGHT is this?!!!
    (& i am SOOO your sister in
    sharing similar visions!)
    lovelove xox

  2. I love that you know what you want and that you also don't know how it will come together but you do know that it eventually will come together =-)

  3. That sounds like one good mantra. Maybe you need to have them written up on a board in front of you? It might help to stay determined?
    look forward to seeing more of your art, and I found lots of great blogs from your last link to another artist. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful words Cathy! Im still trying to find my way, but Im a few steps closer than I was 12 months ao :)

  5. This was very inspirational..I also have a journal I write my ideas, hopes, and dreams on but placing exactly what you want on the cover to remind you to be true to yourself is a brilliant idea...thanks for sharing..I really get inspired by reading your blog and I love the sunday snippets!!!