Friday, April 15, 2011

{ebbs & flows & the weekend ahead}

Ms L and I are celebrating our 11 year anniversary this weekend.  We're taking a trip to the Peninsula Hot Springs for dinner and some night bathing.

In truth it doesn't feel like a particularly celebratory time in our lives.  Ms L has stuff going on.  I've got stuff going on.  The kind of stuff that gets in the way of celebrations.  The kind of stuff that gets in the way of everything.

It occurred to me this morning however that this is life.  The good bits and the shit bits.  That this is relationships.  Full of ups and downs and pieces that sit somewhere in between.  

I feel so incredibly lucky to have someone to share the journey with.  Someone who believes in living life to the fullest, who's willing to embrace it all.  A woman who continually strives for an extraordinary life and who constantly reminds me of possibility and hope.  We're a good team made up of two great people.

Happy anniversary Ms L.  Here's to the journey hey!


  1. Peninsula Hot Springs looks pretty amazing..have a lovely weekend there!

  2. Happy anniversary, you two. This weekend, forget about the shit bits and just enjoy the together bits (unless, like me and my Mr, it is necessary to clear the air with a navigational argument first?).

  3. Happy anniversary. I hope you can foster a celebratory atmosphere and ignore the shit bits for a night.

  4. I like the part about a team made up of two people (because I really hate the idea of two halves make a whole kinda thing).
    My hubby and I went to Peninsula Hot Springs while my parents took care of the kids for the day (thank goodness for grandparents!) It was fantastic.
    Happy anniversary to both of you.

  5. Hey Cath...big congrats to you and Ms L..the shit bits will pass..they always do, except for when you hold onto them too tight..hope your weekend is looks like an incredible place xox

  6. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 11th last week too! We are following the same life schedule my friend. And we have had our share of shit bits lately as well. But as everyone is saying, including you, it is life.

    This gettaway spot looks fabulous. Have a wonderful time.

  7. Hey Cathy and MsL, like you both say, live in the moment and enjoy this weekend. the shit can wait for when you get back.

  8. I live at the start of the Peninsula and have never been to the hot springs. I really must go!!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We've been married 12 years this July which just blows my mind.

  9. Happy anniversary to you and Ms L. It is quite an achievement. X