Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{me & flora bowley, a story in nine parts}

part I
{tinniegirl} attends her first art retreat, An Artful Journey in Northern California, in Feb 2010 and meets both Mrs Spotts and Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love.  {You can actually read more about Beth's story over on CRESCENDOh at the moment}

Image credit: Flora Bowley

part II
Mrs Spotts blogs about the incredible work of artist Flora Bowley.  {tinniegirl} is completely inspired.

part III
{tinniegirl} begins to follow the blog and work of Flora Bowley and sees her teaching workshops at art retreats across the USA.  {tinniegirl} thinks that she would very much like to attend one of her Bloom True workshops one day

part IV
{tinniegirl's} friend Beth Nicholls announces her amazing art retreat to be held in Yorkshire, England in May 2011.  Flora Bowley is one of the teachers.  {tinniegirl} seriously ponders the notion of traveling to England for the retreat as a celebration of her 40th birthday.

 How amazing does this retreat space look?

part V
{tinniegirl} comes to the sad realisation that she won't be able to attend the retreat in England.  As much as she wants to support her friend's new business venture and attend a 3 day workshop with Flora Bowley, she just doesn't have the financial or emotional means to pull it off at this time.  {tinniegirl} resolves to attend one of Flora's workshops one day.  When the time is right.

part VI
Donna Heart announces on her blog that Flora Bowley will be teaching a workshop in Western Australia in March 2011.  {tinniegirl} squeals with delight, does a happy dance, and even though finances still aren't ideal, determines that she will find a way to attend.

Photo credit: Flora Bowley

part VII
{tinniegirl} does further research and discovers that Flora will also teach a workshop south of Sydney in Jervis Bay in April 2011.

part VIII
{tinniegirl} registers for Flora Bowley's east coast workshop as her 40th birthday gift.{OMG!!!!}

part IX
{tinniegirl's} heart sings and she thanks the universe for bringing her dreams to her doorstep.


  1. BIG HAPPY sigh.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love love to think that we are all connected by these dreams that we have. I just love love this. And i cannot even tell you how badly I needed some nice and sweet news like this today.

    I am smiling a huge smile over on my side of the world just for you my friend.


  2. I might be oblivious and just missed this before.... but I adore the new header!! What a great painting.

  3. oh Cathy, I hope your 40th birthday present to yourself turns out to be all you hope and wish for.. do keep us up to date.♥

  4. So happy for you! I adore Flora too, and am hoping to take one of her classes in 2011. Yay for you and your 40th birthday celebration!

  5. Wonderful :-)
    Way to go on the persistence and hanging in there until the dice fell where they did!

  6. That might be the sweetest thing I've ever read! Yay for dreams comin' true:) I look forward to meeting you in Australia!

  7. T'was meant to be my friend... the universe has spoken, and delivered!

  8. that. is. so. fabulous.
    dreams come true, paths are laid
    savour every moment Cathy, you so deserve it!

  9. that sounds absolutely wonderful how fabulous for you YAY xxxx

  10. I love this Cathy, so wonderful and great to see how it all came to be. Dreams are wonderful things that do come to our doorsteps - you put it out there, it answered. xx

  11. Ahhh Cathy, this is wonderful I am SO happy that your dream of taking a workshop with Flora came true. She is such a wonderful teacher and you are going to LOVE her (and she will love you too!). And as serendipity might have it, I have just uploaded a fresh and shiny interview with her on my blog today for your listening pleasure!

    Can't wait to see what you paint in Flora's class

  12. Oh man. I am so happy for you but really, really green with envy too. I cannot wait to hear what a lovely time you have there! ♥

    Oh and here is my email ... michele dot clausen at xtra dot co dot nz

  13. HOORAY! I'm SO glad that a workshop so close to home for you opened up! I will have to look at Flora's website to see if a workshop might be coming to a city near me =-)
    Enjoy your 40th B-day celebration Cathy!!

  14. So So happy and excited for you! She is an amazing teacher and generous soul. I just signed up to take another class with her in California in May. The universe will provide.

  15. Yay!!!! SO happy for you!

  16. That is such great news!! Love that it worked out so perfectly! I too dream of a class with her. Someday.... "see" you in class soon.

  17. I love a story with a happy ending. Yay You!

  18. Fantastic Cathy!
    So happy for you.
    And I love the way you tell the story.

  19. How did I miss this!!! Yay!!!! I am so excited for you! It was meant to be.

    However I am still salivating over that big tent thing...

  20. Hi, I was at Flora's workshop last weekend in Nanga, Western Australia. Flora is a beautiful person inside and out, giving and very creative and talented. You and all the other ladies will have the best weekend. I look forward to seeing your paintings. Michelle.