Sunday, October 24, 2010

{the one where tinniegirl finds herself without much of anything to say - blogtoberfest day XXIV}

Sunday Arvo

I do hope my words and inspiration return to me soon.  I know from experience that the more I try to force things the more elusive they become.  

So I'm just taking it easy over here, hanging out with my fur peeps and Ms L, and leaving the words, the inspiration, the everything else to sort itself out, in its own good time.


  1. There's never any sense in forcing those words to come ... love the photo of the furry peeps! :)

  2. Some days are so bad there a re no words and others I could fill half a page or more so I feel for you. But they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words so unless the battery is dead..... Cherrie

  3. i think that taking it easy is a wise thing to do! and i think that your picture for today's post says quite a lot:


  4. Hi Cathy! It is good to see your face here!! (and your kitty's pretty fur) I have not had much to say either, but I do have a fabulous blog to post tonight about my fun at an art gallery last night!!


  5. Here kitty kitty! Let them come when they come :D

  6. Because I'm not a daily blogger, Blogtoberfest finds me spending more time blogging and less time creating and therefore much less to blog about!! Love the furry-peeps pics though.

  7. You will find your voice again, if this helps: scroll through flickr searching randon things you are bound to find a pretty picture to show us. xx

  8. I am feeling abit like that today....maybe some inspiration will come after the banana split I am going to make us all for desert!