Thursday, October 7, 2010

{great excuses - part I - blogtoberfest day VII}

Shop Window
Sign in the window of a local surf shop recently.


  1. Haha. I see those kinds of signs up this way quite often - when the waves call, you gotta answer!
    Loving the Blogtoberfest fun around here Cathy. Haven't signed up this year, but am following festivities keenly.

  2. This person really has the whole 'work-life' balance thing sorted, although I doubt that phrase actually even registers in their lexicon.

    Great image, evokes more great images in my imagination.

    x Felicity

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  3. How about "Blog Closed, off to stitch in the sun!" or in your case paint!

  4. I think it's fitting that a surf shop owner be out in the surf!!

  5. That's awesome... I love the drawing. I bet it must have felt so good to write that sign and post it!

  6. haha, thats cool! i wish i could do that!

  7. Hah! great comment header! Thanks so much for coming by my blog with your comment from my comment from (ok, got lost already) but you know what I mean.
    I will have a look out for htose books - the second title sounds right up my alley! Good on your for blogtoberfest - I did last year - it was how I really got going with blogging but this year too frazzled!

  8. Hehe, good on them... hope the waves were swell!

    Linda. x :)

  9. Brilliant sign!I could be quite capable of sticking up the sign but less capable of actually leaving the work behind without some little worry or guilt feeling ...which just defeats the purpose COMPLETELY!! :)
    Thankyou for your visit to my blog and your lovely comments. Nice to meet you! :)