Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{whinge, whinge, moan & complain}

Little Cat

I'm full of winter, and a sinus infection, and a severe case of the 'miserables'.

It's Melbourne.  It's August.  What more needs to be said?  Cold and grey, and gloomy, I've never liked August much at all.

Luckily for me I'm off to Port Douglas next week. 

So really, apart from the sinus infection, which is most uncomfortable, all this whinging and whining is really quite uncalled for!


  1. I hope the sinus infection clears up before you fly! Sounds like a great escape from a Melbourne winter.

  2. I wouldn't call whinging about a sinus infection uncalled for. Annoying is at least one word I'd use to describe it. Have a good trip away.

  3. ahahaha sounds exactly like my blog post the other day!
    hope you're feeling better soon and have a magnificent time up north!

  4. so sorry you're feeling so unwell and close to the trip your taking =-(

    i hope you're feeling better soon so you can enjoy your trip!!

  5. Ear Planes for flying - seriously good things!!

    Hopefully eggs and coffee will make you feel better on Sunday!

  6. I don't know ... I'm off to Lake Macquarie on Sunday and I feel totally yuk: tired, can't be bothered. Maybe it's my body slowing down before it's actually time to go. Have fun ...