Monday, August 16, 2010

{when i grow up...}

keeper of the polka dots
del kathryn barton

... I want to be Del Kathryn Barton.  Passionate, accomplished, driven, intense, compelled. 

I dream that one day my paintings will reach this level of depth, visually and emotionally. I dream that one day I will come to really understand why I paint, what my paintings mean, how they help me make sense of the world.

You can watch a really interesting doco about her art and life over here on Artscape.

This is exactly the kind of artist I want to be. 


  1. I saw this doco on the abc too and was enthralled by her art. I too dream of one day making such awesome and meaningful art with depth and clarity... She is an amazing woman - i woudl love to see one of her pieces irl... Thanks Tinnie Girl!

  2. Oh God, me too! Meeee toooooo!

    Definitely my biggest inspiration.

  3. I saw this on tv a while ago, she is amazing, I love her work.