Thursday, August 12, 2010

{it was philip, in the gym, on the x-trainer}

Sealed With A Kiss

I came across Philip and his "year of kissing people" at the Emerging Writer's Festival, where he spoke as part of a panel of bloggers.  I was completely fascinated by his quirky projects.

Philip is a beautiful writer, a fabulous speaker, and, as it turns out, a lovely kisser.

And the kiss?  Well, I'll let Philip tell you about that.


  1. Oh Cathy, this is just the best! You have made me start the morning with a huge smile on my face. That is such a great twitter transcript!

  2. It's the best thing I've read in years!
    I'm so bummed that I'm going to miss more kissing action tonight.

  3. Oh, I must have been distracted before, I didn't read the whole bit. But of course I was familiar with most of it already. Very cute :) I do like the difficulty factor of your kiss.

  4. I thought the lip balm a little risque...

  5. heheh, laughing at Tania's comment.

    that is hilarious- the transcript.