Friday, July 23, 2010

{What I Loved Most: A List}*


  • Talking about Quinacridone Magenta & Paynes Grey
  • Beautiful baby cupcakes that matched my favourite painting
  • Seeing my work through other people's eyes
  • Hearing myself tell the stories behind my paintings
  • Feeling myself stepping out of shyness and into the light of my art
  • Being surrounded by love, and warmth, and support from all the corners of my life
  • Waxing lyrical about my passion for bubble wrap
  • Selling 2 paintings to a complete stranger who turned up right at the beginning especially to buy them
  • Laughing and feeling light
  • Waking up this morning and feeling like I couldn't wait to get started on the next steps

*I love a good list. I know there's a few lovers of lists around the place. I've always been particularly taken with Hula Seventy's list-making. So, you might get to see a few more lists around these parts.


  1. Now that is one very fabulous list!

  2. I love reading people lists too. It's a great feeling when somebody visits especially to buy a piece of your talent.

  3. ah i'm a lister! love me some lists!
    glad it was a great night last night, you're amazing!

  4. Oh so wonderful. I am so pleased for you.

  5. Congratulations Cathy! What a great list, so happy for you. All that hard work and courage to follow your dreams paying off. Makes me smile to read this :)

  6. it's beginning to sound as though an amazing evening was had and I'm so glad you are taking time to list the special moments =-)

    i hope there's a picture of those cupcakes!! i love the idea that the event was color coordinated - so fun!

  7. Ooo so excited for you! Glad to hear everyting went well and that you had a good time, and congratulations on making some sales!

  8. Reading your list made me feel happy! Glad it was such a positive uplifting experience for you.

  9. Its' wonderful to be able to reaffirm such passions of enjoyment in life :) I enjoyed reading your list, thank you for the smile :) Mel xox

  10. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement and a wonderful evening.
    There was a lot of love in that room on Thursday night.
    Them cupcakes sure were special too!

  11. Big congratulations Cathy. From Big Cat to Tinniegirl, there have been some momentous leaps and bounds. Sounds like this was one of them. Well done for pushing ahead and being open to whatever comes.
    So glad to hear it's going so well.
    Prida is the word verification - you should be very prida of yourself!

  12. Wow Cathy I'm so happy for you! Wish I could have been there. Keep bounding into the next steps!! Well done.

  13. You were shining like a light Cathy, it was wonderful to see xx

  14. I love a good list too!

    Congratulations on a successful evening!!

  15. Your favorite painting could easily be one of my favorites. And I love lists too, so I can definitely say you have quite a beautiful list here :)