Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I Came Home With

Opening Night Drinks

A happy heart, really, really sore feet, a fire in my belly and a few less red dots than I set out with.  All the ingredients for a very successful night.

It was a fabulously fun, amazingly wonderful evening.

Thank you to everyone who came along, and to those who sent messages of support and well wishes from near and far.  This journey is made so much sweeter by the amazing people that I'm traveling with.

Extra big special thanks to Cathie for those amazing cupcakes, to CurlyPops for all the assistance of various sorts, and of course to Ms L for being my rock, my greatest supporter and number one fan.

And look at all these gorgeous flowers I received.  Talk about spoiled.

Congratulatory Flowers

I hope to have some more photos to share soon.


Next order of the day.  Get my Etsy shop reopened.  Stay tuned for news on that front. 

First though I might enjoy the weekend off.


  1. Congratulations! Of course it was going to be a huge success. :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your etsy shop and lets all raise a virtual glass of your champers (ill actually have a real one!) to celebrate. Have a great weekend. Xx

    {can you hear my joyful shout waaaay over there in austrailia?}
    i am so darn proud of you and so happy that it was all you hoped it would be.
    DO take the weekend off. love yourself. breath.
    you deserve it.
    love you my dear.

  3. I can feel your happy heart from here in Cali! I am so glad your night was a success!


  4. Thanks for a great night , sorry i just ran out i had 6 missed calls from the other half waiting for me outside.

  5. congratulations on exhibit Cathy! of course it was a smashing success, as we all knew it would be...your guest book was lovely and the flowers are with someone who deserves them =-)


  6. It was a great night. Congratulations. Lou.

  7. Congratulations again!

    I stayed as long as my back would allow me to stand. :-)

  8. Well done, you!!! I had a lovely time and kept the wee girl out way past both our bedtimes.... hope the rest sell out before you bump-out the show.

  9. Fantastic! Congratulations! So sorry I couldn't be there, but I was thinking of you last night!

  10. It was a wonderful night ... so nice to chat with people without our hands engaged. Those cupcakes were amazing and I love the home to the indigenous Australians that runs through your work. I'll get the best of the photos I took to you over the weekend when I've had the chance to download them. Enjoy some well deserved rest.

  11. Yaaay!!! I am so glad it went so well! xx

  12. It was such a fabulous night. I was having so much fun that I didn't realise how fast the time just flew by.

  13. so glad it went well Cathy I was thinking of you and felt nervous and excited!

  14. Congratulations - so glad it went really well - as if it wouldn't! Hope the guest book got a work out! Nic

  15. That's fantastic, what a buzz!!! Congratulations on your success! :D

  16. ahh, what a great night!!
    wonderful night with great people to share it with.
    have a rest and enjoy the weekend, you deserve it.
    Ms L is hanging out for a holiday me thinks ;)

  17. Congratulations, I’m so lad to hear it was a success. Now on to even bigger things! You are on a roll….