Friday, July 30, 2010

{things i'm diggin'}

The Point
  • nearly selling out at my exhibition. There's only 2 paintings left - Reef and I Listen To Birds. If you can't make it to the show but you're interested in purchasing one of the remaining pieces feel free to get in touch.
  • getting the test prints of my work done this week. I'm gobsmacked by the quality. I can't wait to get my online shop open (hopefully next week!).
  • dining at Wabi Sabi last night.
  • taking lots of time out this week to rest, relax, be. I've realised recently how challenging I find it to stop but I'm learning how necessary it is to sustain myself, and I'm totally committed to the idea of taking great care of myself.
  • counting the sleeps till we have a week away in Port Douglas. It was on my wish list for this year and thanks to a little bit of magic we've made it happen.
  • feeling balance return after a topsy-turvy month.
  • playing around with some new paintings.
  • seeing my Exquisite Palette piece in the window at St Luke this morning. Seriously, a piece of my art in a shop window! The exhibition looks amazing. It's worth a trip to Smith St if you're in the hood.
  • entertaining the notion that perhaps struggle is not an essential part of my life.
  • plans for a Korean dinner with Ms L this evening.
  • the arrival of the weekend.
How about it peeps? What are you diggin'?


  1. I'm diggin':
    - having dinner already cooked for me
    - a new feature article waiting for me to punch out on the keyboard
    - the sun that shone like mad here in Byron today
    - my 13-yr-old folding up washing (true!)
    - coming over here and seeing/reading all of the wonderful leaps and bounds you are making in art and life.

    p.s Do you have a new camera? Or maybe it's just a new outlook... but your photos are extra strong lately Cathy.

    Have a great weekend and Korean sounds yum.


  2. by extra-strong I mean fabulous!

  3. Hey! Im digging:-

    its Friday and Im off to see friends tonight
    Spending an afternoon visiting local galleries and art tomorrow
    Getting to grips with my lino cuts ive been playing with!

    Have a fabulous weekend x

  4. * i'm digging that it's friday
    * i'm digging that you are having such a great success with your exhibit!
    * i'm digging that i'll be helping a friend launch her own etsy shop this weekend =-)
    * and i'm REALLY digging this awesome 'game' by one of my art influences, Nick Bantock - it's called "An Oracle Named Sage" and i wish i had an i-phone so i could have the free app! check it out here:

    I'm digging things that make me think ;)

  5. I'm mostly digging spring these days! It makes me feel so alive.

    Loved revisiting your wish list for the year. :)

  6. I am diggin'hmmmm- this will shift my whinging mood on my last post so that is good:
    Ok I am diggin'- my secret special new project with the ideas in my head actually being made into real life ...
    I am diggin' that YOU nearly sold out! that makes me smile
    I am diggin' a feature in a magazine n Oct for My bearded pigeon
    I am diggin' that Busy is playing quietly with a sticker book and not coughing for the last 5 mins...
    I am diggin that it is time to eat lunch. xx

  7. miss you happy bird.
    soooo incredibly pleased with all the blessings that are floating around you.
    much love dear friend.

  8. So glad to hear the exhibition was such a resounding success and that the prints look great. I knew it would all come together for you!

  9. You sound so happy with it all, and so you should be! Enjoy!