Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{it's just a matter of time}

Exquisite Palette Entry 2010
Down The Rabbit Hole*
Acrylics and embroidered linen on board

I seem to be running a mad race against time at the moment.  Mad, in that trying to keep up is driving me crazy, and mad in that I know it is an exercise in futility trying to race time.  Isn't it funny how we can know that something is pointless and yet continue to do it anyway?

I know that some form of surrender is in order but I can't quite see my way clear to making it happen.  Yet.

*I've just entered this piece in an open exhibition called The Exquisite Palette.  It's run by St Luke, an art supply shop in Smith Street, Collingwood, which in itself is an exquisite place.  The show opens on Friday night at 6pm.  I'm going to pop along and check it out, even though I'm feeling more than a little shy about it all.  If you want to check out some of the detail in this piece (including the hundreds of french knots on the rabbit) you can see them over in my Flickr stream)


  1. I checked out the French Knots, wow, you are one patient chick. It's great, I love it! And no rabbit fur at all...

  2. what an exquisite palette indeed! this is an amazing painting Cathy and you should be there to see it among the other submissions - you DESERVE to have your work on exhibit and viewed by an adoring public =-)

  3. That is stunning.... all the best at the exhibit, I am sure it will go down very well.....

  4. Oh it's just fabulous!!!
    I think it will be just lovely hanging for everyone to see...
    I adore the wonderland theme...