Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{chickens, eggs & painting}

Poppy Detail

It's been such an interesting experience to see the responses of people to the exhibition and my paintings.  I'm not talking so much about the people who have traveled alongside me on this journey (I've been deeply touched by their responses), but more the people who are having their first experience of my paintings.  This includes a variety of friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers.

In some ways it's given me the first true experience of myself as a professional artist.  For people who are seeing my art for the first time, exhibited in a public place, they don't question my status as an artist.  They don't wonder whether or not I should be exhibiting.  They don't, dare I say it, seem to think I'm an impostor.

In fact the response to my work has been overwhelmingly positive and affirming, and people just seem to take it on face value that I am a professional working artist.  Just like that!

And somewhere along the line I think I've also made the shift.  Seeing my work hanging on a wall at Chair 14 made me feel like an artist.  I don't feel like an impostor anymore.

It's such a completely different experience to what I've had selling my work at markets, both in terms of the response I've had from punters and how I've felt personally about putting my work out there.  Of course, my paintings have evolved pretty significantly over the last 6 - 12 months, which also helps account for the change.

But I did get to wondering about chickens and eggs, and how I got to this point with my painting.  Which came first?  Was it me deciding to put myself out there with this intent, or was it my work reaching a level of maturity and readiness that has taken me to this new place in my creative journey?

Which came first, the paintings or the artist?


  1. Hmmm... good question!
    I reckon the courage came first, then permeated both the art and the artist.
    So proud of you and this journey.

  2. such a good question and I am so happy you are truly feeling so good, you deserve to, I think the artist was always there first, you just didn't believe it

  3. I like what Linda just wrote - the artist was always there. I'm so happy for you Cathy, and thank you for sharing this journey here. I know it's a cliche, but you are an inspiration for those of us daring to follow our creative dreams.


  4. I think the artist was always there inside, just waiting for the right time. Without an artist, there would be no painting.

  5. It must be very self affirming to recognize that those people (theh ones who don't know you) just accept the fact that you are an artist. There's no need to prove yourself, it's just something you are.

    I'll take that thought with me the next time I go to an exhibition. I'll wonder how the artist is feeling

  6. I'm loving seeing your work online Cathy. Sorry I didn't make it to the exhibition... you'll just have to have another and I will come along to that one.
    And I can say I know the artist. Well done for continuing to path, despite doubts, and pushing on to better and better things.

  7. Wow! You certainly are in an exciting place at the moment! Enjoy! And congratulations on your wonderful exhibition-and yes you truly are a real artist and a fabulous one:)