Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bird Love

I Listen To Birds
Acrylics and Mixed-media on canvas
24 x 24 inch

I pray to the birds because
I believe they will 
carry the messages of my heart upward.

I pray to them because 
I believe in their existence,
the way their songs begin and end each day,
the invocations and benedictions of the Earth.

I pray to the birds because 
they remind me of what I love
rather than what I fear.

And at the end of my prayers, 
they teach me how to listen.
                                      -Terry Tempest Williams-


  1. What an amazing effect. It actually looks like it's about to jump off the screen towards me.

  2. I really love those leaves and branches. Can't tell you why (I don't know myself!), but they're really absorbing.

  3. That is just so beautiful. I think it's my favourite ever of yours!

  4. Hi Cathy
    Will hopefully manage to make NCB this week - as long as you will be there!
    Talk soon, Cinta

  5. How beautiful - I love the little chaffinch and the sense of depth in this work. Lovely!

  6. wow...this post is rich in text and visuals =-) what a feast!

  7. what a beautiful poem, i feel this in my heart about birds as well...and your collage is gorgeous, so dimensional, the little bird looks like he is going to pop off the canvas...
    thank you for visiting my blog, it is nice to meet you...

  8. I agree with Cam, it looks 3D. i love love love the bird so much.

  9. love the bird poem
    & also love
    your popping leaves
    & what a gift
    they are to both
    the birds
    living with them
    & to me.
    so lovely.
    wishing you
    well & wings.x

  10. Just keeps getting better Cathy!
    Loving your new works.
    Hope the man flu sods off soon.
    If you have photoshop questions, I may be able to help. I learnt it at uni & use it regularly enough to remember stuff.
    Warmth & wellness to your nest. x