Monday, May 3, 2010

The Space In Between

Acrylics and gel pen on Canvas
10 x 10 inch

The space in between leaving a job, and getting to the point where you absolutely must find another one (you know, to pay the bills and all that jazz), may very well be the most wonderful space that exists.

In the space in between I
  • stay up late and wake up early
  • paint, write and catch up on emails
  • take myself out to lunch
  • ride my bike to run errands
  • buy fresh coffee beans, and vegies for tonight's dinner
  • plan to cook Moroccan lamb curry and rhubarb and apple crumble
  • visit the art store for supplies
  • dream about my future
  • make plans for my creative future
  • feel like my life is in balance
In the space in between I am living the life of my dreams, loving it, savouring every minute of it and remembering the taste. I am bringing it to life, and it is bringing me to life.

The space in between is BLISS.


On a totally unrelated note, my very favourite person in the whole wide world started a blog. Please pop over and welcome her to blogland.


  1. I’m so happy for you!!!!!!! Sink into that Bliss and enjoy every moment of it, you never know where it will lead you……. Love the new painting, you can just see bliss and joy oozing out of it.

  2. Enjoy every second of bliss, you deserve it.

  3. Bliss land sounds os wonderful for you !

  4. For me the 'space in between' was the bit of maternity leave before my first baby was born. Unfortunately I was too tired to leave the house, but that was fine because all I wanted to do was lie on the couch with my laptop and watch DVDs. It was excellent! Hope yours lasts as long as possible.

  5. Beautiful. Great work and great stage in your life. Bliss indeed.

  6. Oh, enjoy this time! I'm glad you're documenting it. I know exactly how you feel - it's how I felt in between jobs, and now I look back on my blog posts from those times and I wonder whether it was possible that I wrote them! Such a different life.

  7. I'd love to follow you and dream about my future, plan how to achieve my goals and know what I'm suppose to be in this world.

    I think lots about what you write on this blog, even when the challenge is overwhelming and I feel like I am running out of time as I age. When will I work out my purpose?

    I just wanted you to know that you are the only space that I come to where you constantly prod me to try and find 'me'.

    Wishing you all the time that you need to be in this blissful place of yours.

    Jen in Melbourne

  8. Excellent! It sounds blissful my friend. I am glad that you are enjoying your days/moments and finding your dreams in that in between time.


  9. I agree... that time is bliss. Enjoy!

    love you baby!
    im on my way to LOUISE.s blog.
    i get to see what ms. L is all about.

  11. I almost want to go back to work to experience that again! Almost. You're wise to recognize how valuable 'the hallway' is for us. Enjoy!

  12. the space you're in sounds absolutely delightful...a shade of uncertainty tossed in, always keeps things interesting and "alive"! Enjoy and soak it in!

  13. thats the spirit, I need to get back to that! I'm in between and have been for a long time since I'm in-between visas and for the last 4 months haven't been able to work, so i've been crafting, cooking, and baking...maybe I need a bike to spice things up cause I think the bliss of my in between is diminishing, lol...ahh yes, but I'll start with taking myself out to lunch today ;)

  14. Beautiful. I love how you are full of joy. :)

  15. Oh I love this post Cathy! And the painting too. Your paintings are so happy right now - clearly reflecting where you are at. I hope the bliss extends on and on and on...

    I just visited MsL's blog too. Wonderful that you are both blogging your journeys.

  16. ooh you are making me excited! Can't wait!

  17. Who's to say that The Space In Between can't become The Space In Which You Permanently Reside? Enjoy!

  18. i miss being unemployed every single day! the amount of things i accomplished astounded me! good for you for using your time and loving it!

  19. How wonderful Cathy!

    The in between space is a magical place...linger there as long as you can... xo