Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Tangle of Threads

While My Creative Space is tidy, underneath it lies an enormous tangle of feelings, hopes, dreams and thoughts.

I've been thinking.

About blogging. About this story that I have to tell. This one single, amazing story that is my life unfolding. How I believe with all my heart that we each have one single, amazing story to tell. How the popularity, the stats, the followers don't matter. It's the story that matters. Always.

About work. The kind of work I want to do, the kind of place I want to work, the kind of people I want to work with. Defining it, so that I can find it.

About painting. How it makes me feel alive, and full, and hopeful, and certain, and thankful.

About colour. So many colours. How they fill my soul.

About intent. How I want to focus on writing and painting, and let go of all the other stuff.

About clearings. About making room for new things, and about clearing out my studio in line with my intent.

About being present. Really being present. Everyday. Letting go of ideas of a future me, a future life that will be full of everything I want. Embracing this me, this life and everything it has to offer. Everyday.

About old wounds. About feeling ready to heal them, and taking steps to do so.

About people who really inspire me. People who gift the world with their words and creativity, and make my journey sweeter. How I want to gather these people and draw them to me, and build a nest of creative souls who give each other wings. Kelly Rae said it so beautifully today.

About bike riding, and chores, and money, and weeding the garden, and cooking, and getting back to the gym.

About me. How I am finding my place in the world. How I am leaning more into my gifts and my story, and learning how it's possible to be both vulnerable and strong simultaneously.

And about prosperity and abundance. But I'll save that for another time.

Thanks Kootoyoo. For helping me to find my words today.


  1. Words from the heart and head. Lovely.


  2. Love your photo, all those threads shining in the light. sweet words too..lovely.

  3. Here are those words you were looking for! This post speaks to me. I so feel what you are saying about being present and embracing "this me".


  4. What a beautiful creative space - in every sense.

  5. Your words have come back beautifully! It’s clear a lot of thinking has been going on. Thanks for letting us be present on your journey.

  6. Ahh Cathy! Brilliant! Thank you!

  7. just one story? really? just the one??? I think we all have many many stories to tell... how could you choose one...? surely there is more than one that defines us ... as we live life and move forward and things happen and we experience them they all become part of our life... all depending of course on what we pay attention to as we move through life... that is what it all comes down too... where our attention lies... what we see, observe, notice and how we interpret it... what a thought provoking post. xx

  8. How hard is it to stay in the present! It is so so hard not projecting into the future or wishing for something different.

    PS - love the photo

  9. Beautiful words! And I realy like your photo =)

  10. The tangles are what makes it real.

    I think that when you worry too much about the punters & what they come for you lose yourself along the way.

    Good on you Cathy for focussing on the you in all of it.

  11. i love this post & i love that you have beautiful stories to tell (sometimes you may not think they are, but they are)
    i love that you are so honest & i love that you are such a beautifully talented & creative person.
    I wish you had a great night tonight and will definitely see you at the next one.

  12. Kelly Rae is so inspiring and so are you

  13. I had goosebumps from head to toe reading your words Cathy...spoken from the depths of who you are. Thank-you for being so honest and sharing these words, these hopes, these thoughts and these dreams.

    I hear you sister...Totally! xox

  14. See, the thing about you, C, is that you do go looking for those tangles - and then you have good long heart to hearts with 'em. Not for you the blinkered straight, narrow path through life. Brave, brave lady.

  15. thank you for sharing these amazing heart-felt words, Cathy. they are really helping me in my current mental did Kelly Rae's blog post, but YOUR words hit closer to home for me.

    i look forward to reading more of your story as it unfolds, my friend =-)

  16. I love that your posts are so heart felt....thanks!

  17. That was so beautifully written and so eloquent. Parts of it made me say "yeah ...".
    Good luck XX

  18. Everyone has a story, part of the enjoyment from reading blogs......The journey is our lives as they unfold.....x

  19. love, love, love this entry and I know exactly what you mean! You are beautiful!

  20. Hi Cathy,
    Found ou via another link about the Northern Crafters group... butI cant recall exactly what. This and your other writings are beautiful. Hope to one day meet you at a crafty gathering.