Thursday, March 4, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

...Tinniegirl traveled a long way to Portland, Oregon to visit a very special Little Lady. Tinniegirl and the Little Lady's Daddy had been friends for a long, long time.

The Little Lady lived in a beautiful house

and had a lovely bedroom painted all pink and green.

The Little Lady wasn't like all the other little girls that Tinniegirl knew. This Little Lady had something called Cystic Fibrosis, which made her life pretty different to other normal little girls. The Little Lady had to take lots of pills and do lots of treatments every single day to keep fighting her battle against Cystic Fibrosis. The Little Lady was so strong and wise and full of spirit.

The Little Lady invited Tinniegirl to visit her school

and made beautiful, colourful paintings for her.

They even had a birthday party for the Little Lady's Daddy while Tinniegirl was visiting.

One of the best things the Little Lady and Tinniegirl did together was making a painting.

Full of gorgeous colour and embellishments, Tinniegirl could tell the Little Lady was a very good artist.

Before long it was time for Tinniegirl to make the long trip back to Australia. Tinniegirl had a wonderful visit with her dear friends, and especially loved getting to meet the Little Lady for the first time.

The End


  1. Ooh, can't wait to see you and all your pics and hear all your stories! Have a safe and relaxing flight home. xx

  2. you ARE lovely
    so is Little LAdy.
    how blessed you both were to find one another.
    great artist too.
    travel L is gonna be soooo happy to have you back.

  3. such a sweet end to what looks from here to have been a fabulous journey I bet you are excited about coming home though xx

  4. A sweet story!!! I am a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis. So is at least one of my daughters and at least one of my grands. My sister and one of her daughters are too. We didn't know this until my daughter had tests run while she was pregnant with her third child. Thank goodness, so far none of us have married anyone who is a carrier, too. Bless this little girl's heart!!!

  5. how touching!! looks like you had a special time together creating beautiful art and beautiful memories!

  6. That is sooooo cute and inspiring!!!

  7. What a great and fun story to read. This little girl rocked out that art project you both worked on. I love it! And I am a sucker for that strawberry hair, same as my daughter. Cute cute! Hope your flight home is relaxing, turbulence free, and that you get as many of those tiny packets of peanuts as you want!


  8. So lovely that Tinnie Girl and Little Lady got to make some special memories together.
    ps Little Lady looks so much like her Daddy...cept she's prettier of course!

  9. What a beautiful post - and what a beautiful Little Lady x

  10. aaaawwww! this is such a great story! what a great collaborative artwork =-)

    hope you have a safe flight back home, Cathy!


  11. Wonderful! And, it is such a pretty painting!

  12. Aw, that's just so sweet. :)

    She will remember you for years.

  13. If she had a blog she would have started with "Once upon a time a lovely lady came to visit me all the way from Australia, which is so far away you have to go in an aeroplane in the sky for many hours. And she was a a very special lady, because she was an artist like me, and we painted a beautiful picture together which I say good night to every night before I go to sleep." Gorgeous post. Safe journey home

  14. What a terrific memory that painting will bring.

  15. Oh so sweet, I loved your story and pictures, what a lovely time with a special girl (and what a good-looking cake her daddy had). Have a safe trip home :)

  16. what a wonderful visit you shared and I love the colaboration artwork!

  17. Just beautiful. That is a moment in time that will live forever. I love the painting you did together.

  18. That was beautiful to read Cathy. I'm sure your visit, and her artwork, will be treasured memories.

  19. What a lovely story - and a sweet little one.