Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Dig Portland

It kinda reminds me a little of ole' Melbourne Town

Excellent shopping

Cool cafes

Great coffee

Quirky food joints

Interesting street art

and something to make you stop and wonder.

Everything I need in a city.

2 sleeps till I start the big journey home. 2 sleeps peeps!


  1. Have always been curious to visit...inspiring for the inquisitive!

  2. When we were in Portland, Scott was out of a job. We loved it so much that we actually started looking at real estate and thinking about working visas. I can totally understand why you love it so much. Part of the attraction for us was Powell's ;-)

    One of these days we will take a sabbatical and move there for a year. One of these days ...

  3. One of my sisters lives in Portland... always been meaning to pop over and visit her. I think you've just convinced me that it's a good idea.

    Looking forward to seeing you when you get back.

  4. What a great trip you are having. I am living vicariously through you and your excellent photos.

  5. I have always wanted to go to Portland for a visit, I love your perspective on this city. Enjoy your last couple of days!

  6. i just love "keep portland weird"...that in itself makes me want to live there!

    so happy you are enjoying your journey. what wonderful photos.


  7. did i forget to tell you about POWELL'S bookstore?!?!!!?!?! only the MOST fabulous bookstore in the world!!! and the weekend craft market is to DIE for!!

    it's the CREATIVE HUB of the world, with Interweave Press office based there, which is why i want to live there =-)

    hopefully, one day...!

  8. Hi Cathy! I hope you've recovered from your trip. I miss everyone. I love your post on Portland. I really want to visit there someday.

  9. portland sounds like such a cool place to visit!! glad to hear you're having a ball Cathy!!

  10. "the magic is in the hole" heheheh. I don't know if that's a brilliant advertising slogan? :P