Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How About You?

Street art, Portland, Oregon, USA*

Are you like me? Are you waiting?

to be thinner or more confident
for an idea to take hold
to see what everyone else is doing
to see what everyone else is not doing
to be discovered
for someone to tell you that you're enough
to know that you're enough
to be just that little bit more
to feel sure

I am inching towards the idea of not waiting anymore

How about you?

*Don't forget to join my new flickr group {messages from the universe} and share your finds


  1. YAY! i love your idea of a flickr group for finding these cool messages! i wish i could find cool random words like the ones i see here and other blogs...

    hope all is going well in your part of the world =-)

    BTW: "bugwne" was my password - is that in a nonsensical poem somewhere?? if not, it should be! ;)

  2. i NEEDED this today missy.
    i love ya!

  3. YES! Yes! yes! Just how I am feeling at the moment...

  4. Synchronicity strikes again!
    Did you see this?
    I think you are onto something: the time is now. Let's all link arms and shout YES!

  5. YOU'RE ENOUGH! right now, you're enough! All you need to do is relax and let all the goodness unfold before you.

  6. i'm at the same stage ... but i'm feeling nervous about the jump

  7. I'm sick of waiting and I'm sick of the weight of expectation that others (i.e. work) are putting on me with regards to whether I will stay here or go.

    I need to start taking control of my own destiny and stop concerning myself with making other people happy (especally when those people don't give two jots about my own happiness).

  8. That one fits me to a tee... there's always a bloody hurdle in the way

  9. yes! I have been waiting...for the perfect time to start, for the great idea to strike, for all the reasons that keep me from actually beginning. Thanks for this post today. I need to take a picture of this post on my screen and add it to the flickr group.

  10. As my little bro says...
    "you don't get discovered in your loungeroom"
    you've got to make stuff happen. x

  11. Oh yes, yes that is exactly how I am feeling right now. Said so well. Do you know how wise you really are?

  12. We seem to wait for "the day when". I have decided not to wait anymore! I am enough. We are enough. We are glorious women TODAY!


  13. I can so relate to this I have been waiting all my life, especially with the weight thing. I was going to post recently about this very thing but I am still waiting to do it!!!! I don't wait as much as I used to when I was young thankfully as it was so crippling, but I still do it

  14. WAIT NO MORE- YOUR TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. If we are all waiting for everyone else, we are all going to be waiting a long time! You are not alone, but let's all dive in!

  16. I have definitely had that feeling so many times! What a fab idea for a flickr group, love anything that makes you look more closely at the world around you.

  17. I love your new Flickr group and I have just joined and added to it too!
    I posted about this image here...
    Do we wait, or is it time to find our own path to happiness?
    Come on now... I'm waiting for an answer!

  18. You already ARE a contender!

    p.s. thanks so much for the kind comments about our new house. :D

  19. yeah i'm getting there the older I get
    on another note I LOVE The Mark Of Cain and they have a song called "I could have been a contender"!!
    Sime and mines first date was a Mark Of Cain gig!! :)

  20. No waiting for you dear're're lovely right now! I MEAN that!

  21. love this post....
    can relate 110%...

    was just having a conversation right along this line tonight with my hubby....and then...i came to visit you and read THIS!

    happy to not be alone in these feelings!

    sending love to you,