Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some Observations For Today

Extract from my notebook - January 15th 2008

Some Observations For Today
{not for blogging, just for me}
  • No matter how down I feel I can still be awakened, warmed, heartened by things I see in nature - new growth on a plant, a bird in flight.
  • True happiness does not always seem an impossibility
  • I long for a sense of peace but perhaps need to redefine the notion
  • My cats fill my soul with peace, joy, happiness and love
  • Louise is the best friend I could ever wish for
  • I can't understand the need or purpose for blogging

How that last point makes me laugh. It was true at the time though. I just didn't get blogging. But yet, somehow, I knew that I so desperately wanted to be a part of it.

Tomorrow marks my two year blogiversary. What a journey I've taken since
my first doubtful post.

My observations for today
{for the blog, not just for me}
  • I dig birds and trees
  • I am more at peace and closer to being truly happy than I have been in a very long time
  • BigCat and little cat you make my heart sing
  • Ms L is always the best friend I could ever wish for
  • Blogging has brought me true friendship, community, trust, joy, belief, hope, creativity, opportunity, confidence and warmth
  • Blogging gives my life meaning and purpose
I am so grateful that blogging found me. I am so thankful for all of you who have joined me on this journey. I am so eager to see what the next 12 months of blogging will bring.


  1. Happy bloggy birthday Miss TG. I think that deserves a whoppingly large very real (nothing cyber) cake to celebrate!

  2. Friends, fauna/flora, furries(our word for the cats)and fun! Life is pretty FANTASTIC!
    I forgot to add blogging, but that seems to go with out saying. Here's to many more posts (cause by October we'll all need another Blogtoberfest to keep the momentum going!)

  3. I hadn't thought of your post as a birthday ... but that's what it is. I'm sending a smile and hug in celebration.

  4. Two years! Wow, that's fantastic.

    Blogland is great I think. I'm so glad I found it, and found great people like you, too! Happy blogiversary :-)

  5. Blogging found you.... hmmm, an interesting thought.

    You sound happy and relaxed. I hope you are.

    Oh, and happy 2 years. :) xxx

  6. My observation for today {for you, my dear}

    You are too modest in saying blogging found you.

    You have created your own wonderful space here. You have shared your art, craft, hopes and fears. You have been generous and helped create a wonderful community around you.

    I'm glad you did!

    Happy blogversary, Cathy.

  7. Some things change, other things don't... Discovering your blog has been such a pleasure, I'm glad you got 'converted' :)

    Happy blogiversary!

  8. Happy blog birthday.

    It is people like you that make blogging the wonderful place that it is for people like me :)

  9. Hey congrats :-) I'm very pleased that blogging found you x

  10. 2 years! WOW a big milestone! Happy Bloggy birthday x

  11. so happy you decided to blog or we might never have been embarking on our upcoming journey together.
    can't wait.
    congrats cathy.
    loves to you.

  12. I think we all have those feelings about blogging sometimes, wondering what it's all for, whether it's worth the effort- but I'm so very glad you stuck to it!!!
    Happy bloggy birthday Cathy.

    (how appropriate, the word verification was leadon, Lead On Tinniegirl!)

  13. Your blog makes me smile so I am nominating you for the Sunshine Award! You can find the details on my blog here: keep up the good work!

  14. I'm really happy that blogging found you and that's given me the chance to meet you! Keep following your dreams.......