Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Oh, I know it's a cliche, but doesn't that almost make it mandatory?

I'm farewelling the fine city today and heading north to Portland. Can't wait to check out Portland, see my friend Jon (6 years between visits and plenty to catch up on) and his family, and perhaps slow up the pace a little.

It has been a wonderfully busy, fabulous, fun trip so far. Soon I'll be counting the sleeps to the end. How time flies.


  1. I can't believe you got a pic of Lombard street with only one car on it! Wow, pretty unusual!!

    It is great to see that you are enjoying yourself. I have not been to Portland for any proper amount of time so I look forward to see what you find there!

  2. your pictures are gorgeous! or is that "gorg" as Louise would say?? ;)

    i miss you!! i'm glad you are having a wonderful time while you're here. i hope you can make time to drive to the Maryhill Museum - they have a great collection of unusual chess sets...just remember to watch out for the peacocks! oh, and try to see some of the falls on the way back from the museum! =-)

  3. This is so fun, holidaying with you. I almost feel like I'm there, almost. Wish I was! :D

  4. Throw in New Mexico and you're doing my dream trip!!

  5. Oh yes, mandatory! We'd have been disappointed not to hear that one!
    Have fun on the next leg of your journey Cathy.

  6. glad you are still having the time of your life.
    enjoy portland.
    i LOVED it there last october.
    miss you oh so much.

  7. i love your photos ... and your cliches. you're having such a great trip.

  8. Ahh gotta love San Francisco. Hope you are gathering lots of inspiration for a flurry of creating when you get home! Don't work too hard ha ha

  9. I just saw your picture over at Mati Rose. How fortunate you are to be spending such times with all them fab artists. Hope the rest of your holiday is as fantastic.