Thursday, January 28, 2010


Affirmation cards from The Creative Beast

grounding myself in messages that wonderful souls have sent me.

looking forward to surrounding myself with more creativity and serenity
tonight at the Northern Craft Bonanza.

trying to follow the lead of {the penny has dropped} and tell fear where to go.

Gorgeous print from 74 Lime Lane - a beautiful surprise gift from Kellie


  1. Happy crafting tonight. How lovely are those affirmation cards?? Lovely sentiment indeed. Love Posie

  2. So glad you like it Cathy! May your every day be surrounded by creativity and serenity!

  3. All very good things to be doing, hard at times but I hope you feel the love from us to help banish that fear away.

  4. Trust a bit of group crafty therapy hits the spot!

  5. Love those affirmation cards, I'm lucky enough to have my own set from The Beast of Creativity :-) That print is also gorgeous! Thanks for sharing x

  6. i FINALLY went to read the letter to Fear - AWESOME! AMAZING!! FANTASTICAL!!! thank you so much for sharing her letter to Fear =-)

    and thanks for sharing the beautiful picture reminding us to "SHINE" - i just LOVE sparklers!!

    can't wait to see you!