Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I'm Diggin'

New blog finds

I Saw You Dancing a new blogger and kindred spirit. I connected with her ideas and words immediately. The best bit of the story is that The Creative Beast, who lives in LA, introduced us, and we live in North Fitzroy and Thornbury. How cool is that?

{the penny has dropped} I adore this blog. My love affair first began when I saw her letter to her fear.

pepper stitches I just discovered this blog today and it's choc full of so much good stuff.

Project Play 365 Megan's photography blows my mind. Check out this picture.


The Northern Craft Bonanza. We're getting together this Thursday night if you're around and want to get crafty with us. Details here.


Painting. I can't get enough of painting at the moment. I feel like I've really found my stride recently. I've been working on these 3 pieces since the new year and I love the way they turned out. I'm planning to put them in my Etsy shop sometime this week.

Shine - Acrylic paint, collage papers and vintage tablecloth on canvas


Surrender - Acrylic paint, collage papers and vintage tablecloth on canvas


Grow - Acrylic paint, collage papers and vintage tablecloth on canvas

If you're interested in purchasing one I'm selling them for $55 AUD or $50 US plus postage (around $10 -$15 for postage, depending on your location). They measure 8 x 24 inches If you'd like to buy one and pay by direct deposit then get in touch by email (tinniegirl(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au. Otherwise look out for them in the shop soon.


Catching up with my crafty-partner-in-crime tomorrow

Keeping wishes and dreams safe and warm. I'll announce the giveaway winner tomorrow. Last chance to pop your wish in the comment box if you haven't already done so.


  1. I'm definitely diggin' a crafty day tomorrow, and then a crafty night Thursday night!

  2. Lots of great stuff to dig there! And I love the new banner!

  3. Aren't you a colourful girl this week?? Thanks for new blogs to check out, always nice to take the lead from someone's recommendation. Love Posie

  4. your art is WONDERFUL my dear.
    i love that you are in a groove.
    artistic grooves feel soooo good no?
    seeing you oh so soon.

  5. those paintings are just BEAUTIFUL! i'm really feeling the blues/lavenders of "Surrender" - so calming.

    it's funny you should be discovering Pepper Stitches just now when i found her among the participants of your Blogtoberfest!! i just love her and her adorable softies...can't wait to check out your other recommendations =-)

    i think it's pretty funny that i managed to "introduce" you and Kat all the way over here in LA!! i just love her writing style, so heart-felt <3

  6. Oh, gorgeous! Love all three pieces but I think Grow speaks to me most right now. And thanks for the blog recommendations, will check them out x

  7. Ah such a great post!
    Thanks for the links they are awesome i'm going to check them all out!
    Oh and big thanks on your comment too!

  8. I LOVE Grow!! Well done friend!

  9. Beautiful paintings. I love the colours and shapes. They make a splendid trio.

    Just so good to stop by and read your writings. Makes my day!

  10. I'm so touched! Thanks for the mention, sweet soul.
    SO looking forward to meeting you in person soon. Wish we could fly The Creative Beast down to join us! :-)
    I'm also loving Surrender. The sentiment, the colours, the textures have such cohesion. It's obvious that you really loved making it.

  11. oh Cathy these new works literally took my breath away, they are FABULOUS your best yet, you must be so happy with them. thanks for the links off to check them out. counting down the days for you too.....

  12. Oh I love these new collages Cathy - especially the green one! Great to hear you have hit your stride - such a good feeling.
    (Thanks for the link mention too)