Sunday, October 4, 2009

BLOGTOBERFEST - Day 4 - Make A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul

To be honest I've been a little overwhelmed by the response to BLOGTOBERFEST. It's incredible to see so many people join in and I'm so delighted that people want to be a part of it. I've loved all the comments about how much people are enjoying themselves, connecting with new blogs and feeling really inspired. I never in a million years expected it to get this big.

I'm a little overcome too. Why is it that when the things you really want for your life start to happen you feel inclined to shy away? On only Day 4 I'm already feeling challenged with the idea of being enough that I wrote about here.

So today I put on some great soulful music and got busy in the studio. And then the tears came. Lots of them. Tears of joy and celebration, hope and fear, and grief, all thrown in together. All the newness and excitement and change of the past couple of months catching up with me. Gosh, when's the last time you let yourself have a really good cry? I think sometimes you just need to let it all out.


The collages above are a collaboration with CurlyPops
They'll be making their debut at the inaugural

Northside Maker's Market
Saturday October 10th
Northcote Uniting Church
251 High St, Northcote
10.30am - 3.30pm

If you're a Melbourne gal, or inclined towards a holiday, come along and say Hi.

If you want to know more about me and my crafty ways read the interview I did over at Northside Makers.


  1. Curlytin? tinniecurl? tinniepops?
    What a great collaboration!

  2. In the interview you mention a (UFO) patchwork quilt - it includes applique and I remember you were VERY good at applique - a natural talent. I hope you finish that UFO soon. Love Marg

  3. I'm not surprised you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. It is enormous. I hope you feel refreshed after your cry and feel ready to take on the world.

  4. oh Cathy, you have no idea that little ol' you could have such a positive impact of peoples lives. you are a very beautiful person and of course all this fantastic attention has become a little overwhelming.
    why must you make me tear up.. :)
    hope you had a good ol' cry & did some magnificent art from the heart ♥

  5. I love a good cry! Such a release!

  6. How long? Probably about 12 months ago, when I was facing my own personal obstacles on life's journey. Chin up, you'll get there.

    Why do you find yourself pulling away, I'm guessing because you've either been burnt before or it's your lack of self belief challenging you. Am I close?

    Just keep moving toward what you want in life, it doesn't matter how fast or slow, but keep heading in the right direction.

  7. these works are brilliant, truly inspiring, you will be fine with Blogtoberfest no one expects some kind of miracle performed by you they just want to go along for the ride together, and with you

  8. A cry that involved a kingsize, 'man' size box of tissues with those hiccupy things after the main howling bit?

    Damn it. Good on you girl.

  9. Great idea for the Blogtoberfest! Looking forward to reading everyones entries. The collages look great too!

  10. Ah good cry always helps - it's like the clear sky after rain. We are all so greatful and excitied about BLOGTOBER. You're doing an amazing job.

  11. A good cry and a day of crafting sounds like the perfect therapy session to me... love the birdies and flowers and birdhouses!

  12. love the little birds :) the colours and textures on them all are really nice

  13. A bit overwhelmed that little ol' you can inspire so many? If only we could see ourselves as others see us!

    It's very sweet to see the individual bits of you and bits of Cam working together so beautifully.

  14. I LOVE those! They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.


  15. Oh bless you! A good cry is sometimes the perfect antidote to so much that goes on in our life.

    As for Blogtoberfest, there are so many things I want to say and so many thank-yous for so many different ways this is touching me at the moment but I'm afraid I might set you off crying again!

  16. TinniePops! Make it TinniePops!! I wanna piece of TinniePops artwork!!

    I guess how big Blogtoberfest has grown would be overwhelming but in a good way, right?

    Slowly I am working my way through the list and have found loads of great blogs and fallen in love just a little bit.

  17. Cute collages! Hang in there, you're doing great!!!

  18. Something I'm just now realizing myself is that we can soar as high as we want to. Somewhere along the line someone clipped our wings so we gave up trying. But with time comes wisdom and with wisdom comes new wings!!

    I myself have been taking small solo flights and I feel renewed!

    I love you bird's fitting in my life right now!! FLY!!!

    Hugs to you and all you do!!

  19. You deserve all of the good vibes coming your way Cathy!
    Love your CurlyPops collaboration - you girls will have a fab time at the markets I'm sure.

  20. Your collages are just beautiful :)

  21. I absolutely adore your collages, they're wonderful. And thank you for Blogtober, it's a splendid idea.

  22. You know they would make great little embroidery patterns if you'd just draw out the design!
    Come over and enter my giveaway!

  23. Loving the Blogtober concept so much i blogged about it today!!! Visit our blog to read -

  24. Cathy just catching up on posts after I lost my interwebs for a few days!!
    These are gorgeous. I like where you are going... and I had to laugh at chunkychooky's collaboration names. But I say go for Curlygirl!!

  25. Oh poor you. A cry is such a good thing.
    I am hoping like hell to make it to the market on Saturday and will be sure to say hi and provide toilet / coffee breaks as required.
    It's such a hike from my side of town, but I'm sure it will be worth it.