Saturday, October 31, 2009

BLOGTOBERFEST - Day 31 - And That My Friends Is That

I have learned that there is a great deal of joy in this world
blogging has taught me that
from the connections and friends I've made
from the support, encouragement and inspiration that I've given and received
from the laughter and the tears

To have a place to share my story,
and to be invited to share in others
has been such a gift
In this mirror I have found
the writer and artist that I always knew was there

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey
I look forward to our paths continuing to cross
If I don't see you around for a while
I'm sure I'll see you on October 1st next year!

My goodness, I forgot my manners.
Enormous thanks to the ever fabulous SuperPops,
awesome badskirt and superb Chunky Chooky
for their assistance with the festival.


  1. Thank you so much for hosting Blogtoberfest; although a bit of a challenge at times it really has been a bunch of fun, I've won some lovely giveaways, hosted my very own (a first for me!!), found some glorious new blogs, found some even more glorious new followers ;) & generally had an all 'round good time.

    Three cheers for TinnieGirly & Blogtoberfest! Book me in for next year...!

  2. I second Vic's comment. Thankyou for hosting this special month. It has helped in so many ways. I love your beautiful piece of artwork and am glad that you also are finding your way. Cherrie

  3. Blogtoberfest has been a great success, all the best for the future.

  4. This has been a wonderful, busy, colourful, and truly motivational month. I think I am going to miss the Bloggy Fest.
    Here's to more blogging, crafting, planning, having fun and making wonderful connections......xxLiz

  5. thank you SO much for encouraging me to participate in this amazing festival! it has been an incredible experience to see and 'meet' so many creative bloggers =-)

    love the collage - it this your entry to the Joy Doll project???

  6. I think I may be the most wayward of blogtoberfest players... but I had fun anyhow! Thank you Cathy.
    Yay to super-bloggy connections and wonderful BIG dreams !

  7. thank you so much for hosting. It's been wonderful!

  8. thanks so much Cahty it's been fabulous fun xx

  9. thanks for hosting such a fabulous month of festivities! great to get to know & love a few more gorgeous people in the blogosphere.
    will definitely see you around before next october :)
    hugs lovely Ms C ♥

  10. Thanks for hosting Blogtoberfest..I had so much fun! I will definitely do it again next October:)

  11. Thank you for hosting Cathy! It's been a great month!

  12. this was a wonderful thing to participate in. found a few blogs i never would have if not for blogtoberfest, thank you :)

  13. Thanks for hosting Blogtoberfest and letting plebs like me participate....even if I did miss just a few minor days. It was challenging but fun, and met a few fantastic people.

    Thanks again.

  14. Thank you for putting this together - looking forward to next year! :-)

  15. Is it over already (and finally?!) Some days it seemed like October was endless and yet, today, it feels like it flew by.

    What fun.

  16. Thanks Cathy, for hosting the's truly been an inspiring adventure, and one I hope to continue..just by having to *think* creatively outside of what I do everyday for a living and having to communicate it!

  17. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Cathy I have really enjoyed Blogtoberfest. As the organizer aren’t you glad it’s a virtual festival and there are not any portaloos and rubbish to deal with????
    It has been a fun and challenging month. I shall be hanging around cheering for you from the sidelines as your creative dreams take flight, what a big month for you this has been, in so many ways, thanks for sharing some of what you are experiencing.
    I have lent out my copy of The Artist Way, but if it doesn’t come back to me this week I am hitting the book shops for another copy.

  18. Well done, I've enjoyed joining in. It has helped me to get blogging regularly. Now, can I keep it up?

  19. Thanks so much for throwing the big celebration again this year! I had a great time again & didn't miss a day ;)

    Now a month off while I gear up for my Christmas advent countdown... if I decide to do it LOL!

    I am definately in for 2010 ;)

  20. Well done Ms Tinniegirl. You have so earned the right to put your feet up for a bit! (not that I expect for a nanosecond that you will).

  21. Thanks for hosting! 30 days of blogging, you have to love that!!!

  22. Congratulations Tinnie Girl!

    I hope blogtoberfest brought you blessings beyond anything you could have imagined. :)

  23. THANK YOU for Blogtoberfest! I didn't make it every single day, but it was close. Blogtoberfest definitely helped me focus on finding something to celebrate every day, and I have discovered so many wonderful blogs. See you next year :)

  24. congratulations Cathy!
    i know Blogtoberfest has been so important to you and i know i haven't been commenting much of late (been a wee bit busy) but i have been trying to read as much as i could... but i just wanted to say how great it is to see you progressing along your path with such determination and with such incredible results! i know you are going to achieve so many fabulous things on this journey, as well as the things you've already done! it is a real pleasure and inspiration to be able to follow your journey, even if i don't say it as often as i should... :)

  25. I loved it!
    I blogged every day.
    I read many new blogs.
    Thanks for hosting it and I'll be back....