Thursday, October 15, 2009

BLOGTOBERFEST - Day 15 - Progress

"Not for me the pale shades of anonymity, but the hot lush colours of imagination, creativity and accomplishment" (Isabel)

Gee I feel
inspired at the moment. I'd happily spend every waking minute creating and experimenting. Alas, life has other demands.

It was an a-ha moment the other day when I realised I hadn't made anything purely for fun in quite a while. It's so energising and such an important part of my creative process, and my life. I've mentioned before that I'm sometimes in such a rush to be living a creative life that I forget that I'm already living it. That the journey is the destination.

However, I'm making good progress. I'm letting go of struggle and the need for plans and answers. I'm starting to see that when I feel really stuck, if I truly let go, I generally move forward with ease. The Universe is on my side.

Reading The Artist's Way changed my life. Signing up for Mondo Beyondo has been like a gift to my soul. I can't recommend these two things highly enough to anyone who is looking for a signpost, or a spark, or who doesn't know what they're looking for but knows that something is missing.


On a more lighthearted note, if you're looking for some fresh post ideas pop over to Chunky Chooky. She's got a great list.


  1. I also benefited from Julia Cameron's book. However I've been slack doing morning writing lately.

    Must get back to it.

  2. oh yay! I'm so glad the artists way has been good to you. I remember when you first mentioned it (with a bit of a *meh* if I remember rightly) and then loads of us in comment land encouraged you to go for it. Again, yay!

  3. Oh wow - you have been busy this week... loving that dress

  4. You've inspired me to get my copy of Artist's Way off the shelf and start doing it again!

  5. really nice soft colours :) haven't read the artist's way yet, keep meaning too. hmm wonder if the library has a copy

  6. I've found that doing things outside of a pattern are always truly more enjoyable for me!

  7. I'm missing inspiration in my craft work at the mo. Have you any to spare?

  8. I should get a copy of this book. It sounds really inspiring! I really need some inspiration now as I just opened my etsy shop and need to finish all the items.

    By the way, I am having a GIVEAWAY tomorrow to celebrate the opening of my shop. Here is the link:

    Please, spread the word!
    Thank you!!!

  9. i want to read Julia Cameron's book too - i keep hearing about how good it is...happy creating!