Friday, April 24, 2009

Do You Hear It?

The noise. That incessant noise. Questioning. Doubting. Dismissing.

You know what I'm talking about don't you? The "little voice" inside your head? The one that tells you that you're not enough, won't ever be?

I decided at the start of the year that the "little voice" had to go. I decided it was time for a new mix tape. So I painted what I was thinking. I took all the negative messages that I wanted to get rid of and I let them explode out of my head. Then I thought of all the new messages about myself that I wanted to internalise, and I did exactly that. I put them in my body.

I really love this painting. For lots of reasons.
  • I love the symbolism of it.
  • I love the size of it. It's so much fun to work on big canvases.
  • I love the adventure of it. It's the first time I've ever attempted to paint a face. I'm actually not happy with the way the face looks at all but I'm so pleased with myself for taking a step and giving it a go.
  • I love that I hung it in the spare bedroom. I didn't hide it away in my studio where only I can see it. I put it out there in the house for the whole world to see. Since I put it up I've started hanging lots of my creations around the house. It feels so nice to have a house filled with art, including my own. I feel like I've taken another step forward in putting my intention out there.
I just have to remember to read it more often. To really internalise the words. To allow them to become the new soundtrack to my life.

Why don't you leave me a comment with an affirmation that you like for yourself. I'll pick someone out next Friday and make you a collage with your affirmation. What do you think?


  1. It's wonderful. I like it so much.

    Thinking of an affirmation is very difficult for me ...

    Recently I am stepping into the world and opening myself up to love.

  2. I love that you can use a painting to explain how you are feeling at a certain stage in your life.
    I think my current affirmation would be 'determination'.

  3. A few years ago I took the huge step to return to AUstralia after living overseas for a long time. Trying to find my feet here again took a little while. I stuck my fingers into lots of pies(of the metophorical,work and project-based variety), and all the while said to myself "I will use my talents constructively and creatively". Eventually everything gelled and I saw how I was going to do it. Have faith in yourself and you can do anything.

  4. Time, creativity and relaxation... that's what has been getting me going each day. The quiet happiness of my summer life allows lots of time for me to embrace my creative juices... can't wait!!

  5. Another excellent post Tinnie, You articulate so weel what i am thinking.
    I have no great affirmations but always tell myself

    "no-one will die if I get this wrong"

  6. could "suck it up" be considered an affirmation?? I use it several times a day and it has got me through some very hard times. It gives me power, is that weird?! I would really love to see it as a collage, on my wall to look at instead of just saying it in my head. Yes, maybe I am weird!!
    Love that painting!

  7. great idea with this artwork...gosh we let our heads get full of crappy negative stuff don't affirmation that I'm thinking about now is...I am valued...

  8. For me, it's 'trust yourself'. No one knows me better than me so I am learning to trust my feelings and instincts. Most times I know what I need to do, it's just having the courage to do it. And sometimes, having the courage to articulate what I'm thinking and asking for help.

    Your painting is beautiful... for lots of reasons.

  9. Patience, passion, perserverance! my mantra

  10. What a great idea! I love it. :-)

    I can imagine how empowering it was to make that painting. It's like a final serenade to the downward spiral that our minds can undertake. I bet you read it often.

    Affirmation? Hmm. I don't know. I guess I always come back to - Invite being seen.

  11. fab work Cathy, such a positive way to channel negative thoughts... and very brave of you to hang it where it will be seen, whrere you will have to confront it at the most unexpected times... i know your confidence will come in leaps and bounds because of it!

    my affirmation...

    'go for it! you won't know until you try... and if it doesn't work try something else!'

    it's not always easy but it has taught me how to recognise when something is really not working and not worth pursuing... :)


    btw, Spanner says 'woof' - thank you for the birthday wishes... ;)


  12. I love your painting too! It makes me smile:) One of my affirmations is that guilt is a wasted emotion and not to spend time worrying about things you cannot change!