Friday, December 12, 2008

Love Fridays

I'm loving the rain today. I rode home in it and got soaking wet.

I'm loving bike riding. I'm loving the fact that I enjoy it more everyday. I'm loving the fact that I'm feeling a tiny bit fitter and a little bit stronger every day.

I'm loving that I've rekindled my Christmas spirit this year and I'm looking forward to making it a special one.

I'm loving the fact that I have the whole weekend free. No plans except for sewing, crafting and Christmas preparations.

I'm loving this collage that I purchased at the design market a few weeks back. I have big plans for a studio clean up and revamp over January and I've started buying some small pieces of art just for me.

If you'd like to join me in Loving Fridays you'd be most welcome. Post something on Fridays about why you Love Fridays and what you're looking forward to about the weekend. If you'd like a button for your blog you can go over here and get the code. Even if you don't want to post about it but you'd like button you are welcome to share it.

Now, I was thinking it was about time I put together a little list of who's playing along with Love Fridays. So leave me a comment on this post if you are, and I'll put you on the list.


  1. The rain is definitely a lovely change...makes it perfect for some crafting time.
    I'm playing Love Fridays (but I'm sure you alredy knew that..he he he)!

  2. I am so very much in. I love fridays so much. There is something with them.
    Cute post and I must remember to post on friday..xx

  3. Yah! I wasn't sure, with your blog move, if we were still Loving Fridays. I'm in.

  4. I'm in. Love it. Love Fridays.

  5. May I please play? I have my meme mojo back :)

  6. I am late to the game but I would love to play Love Fridays :o)