Friday, March 20, 2009

Love Fridays, Free To Good Home

  • Much loved Friday Meme seeks new home.
  • Only 8 months old
  • Partially trained with great potential
  • Happy and playful
  • Old owner moving on to new frontiers
  • Comes with colourful blog button and full creative licence

I feel like it needs some new creative energy. I'm a starter, not a maintainer, that's for sure! I thought there might be someone out there who might like to adopt a meme.



  1. Maybe it just needs to be shelved like 'On my desk Wednesday'. Things do run their course. We could start something else. I will put on my thinking cap and get back to you but not today it's slack Friday for me.

  2. I'm thinking something new on Friday would be great. Maybe "fearless friday" where we post something new or brave we tried this week?

  3. haha...cute ad!
    what about 'Inspirational Friday'...

  4. Oh I'm with Anastasia, i love inspirational Friday, that's what I always write about on Friday too! Such a cute ad!
    Ps. There is a little award waiting for you over at my blog :)

  5. LOL! Now here's a blog giveaway with a difference!

    I'm afraid I am also not a maintainer. I am good at 'idea's luncheons' though. Always good with that. :-)

    I like the sound of Fearless Friday! I used to do Flashback Friday. It was a good way to make myself use the scanner. LOL

  6. gave me a giggle. Thanks.

  7. I enjoyed love fridays - thanks. Am happy to babysit it for you but also very happy to move on to new things and join in with some of the ideas above.