Monday, October 29, 2012

{poor BigCat}

Tuckered out.

The vet came for the home visit today, but because BigCat turns into a feral animal when anywhere in the vicinity of a vet they couldn't examine him here, and had to take him back to the clinic.

He's had a small anesthetic, some poking and prodding, a few tests {and his overgrown nails trimmed as a bonus} and we'll have some results tomorrow.  The vet thinks it might be his thyroid, which would explain things, and apparently is easily treated.  That would be great news.

But we'll wait for tomorrow before we fully breathe out.

Meanwhile BigCat is feeling a little shaky and exhausted after all the 'excitement'.  I'm showering him with cuddles, treats and even letting him spend some time on the computer, which he loves to do!!! {and which caused some delay in updating you on his news}.

BigCat doing his computer 

Thanks to all who have been sending good wishes and thoughts.  I really appreciate it.