Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{breaking apart and breaking open, and coming full circle time and time again}


It's been a tough time around here, there's no hiding from that fact.  I sometimes feel like my life is a constant cycle of hope and despair.  It's an exhausting ride at times.  I long for a slower pace, a smoother ride, a sense of balance.

I receive so many incredibly kind emails and comments about the way I share my journey here on the blog and in day-to-day life.  Sharing my truth, putting it all out in the world, warts and all.  It fills me with peace, and hope, and a great sense of pride to know that my words have an impact.

What I also realised today is that when I do put myself out there in all my vulnerability and imperfectness, and people connect with that story, it always comes full circle and heals me too.  We are all so deeply connected and we all have so much power to change each other, to inspire each other and to share hope.  And when we do it comes back to us like an amazing gift that restores our own souls.  

I wanted to share this story with you today and to tell you that you are such an important part of my journey and that I'm often thinking of you.  Time and time again I come back to this place {this blog} knowing that I will find my people here, and that the more I continue to be present in this space the more my life is enriched and filled with so many blessings.

Thank you.

{and special thanks to my amazing friend Jay for the wonderfully soulful conversation today}


  1. I love your honesty - you inspire me and make me feel normal and safe because of it. I should thank you more often for that. I shall hug you til you pop when I meet you in August instead!

  2. It's really interesting to see the different way that people deal with life and it's challenges.

    I love the way that you can 'put it all out there', and I'm very glad that lovely Jay could help!

  3. The circle of healing is an important one and one that I realize ALWAYS begins with ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us Cathy! It helps us all to see that we are all walking that path of ups and downs and we are not alone in walking it =-)

  4. No...Thank you. You help in more ways then you know and I always come away with such a restored sense of self after our chats. You sure are a good egg ( : xx

  5. Stopping by to say hello and to let you know that you're blog is indeed a place where I find truth. I totally agree that when we share our pain and our vulnerabilities we make room for more good stuff. Sending you love. xo