Sunday, November 20, 2011

{sunday snippets: a list}

Don't ask!  It's all pear shaped over here just at the minute.  I don't mean to keep disappearing and hope I'll be back to my usual tricks soon.  Life sure can be topsy-turvy sometimes hey?

If you're sharing your {sunday snippets} pop your link below.  If you have no pictures maybe you'd like to make your own list over here and link it below.

Oh, and I'm doing some noticing over at Your Heart Makes a Difference.  Would love you to stop by.


  1. cool! I love that library card generator. So fun!

  2. Life is very rarely smooth...
    Don't you wish that even for a little while it would be. Even a year! Here is to a smooth next year for us.

  3. A ton of those fab cards would solve the pear shape-ed-ness here too. Cathy, hope I've not overstepped the mark with my post! It's all that occupies my every waking second now! xo.